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Mississauga Life Centre - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Need Help
Choose To Know You don't have to go through this alone. Your need is important to us.

We Offer:
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Mentoring for low self esteem, depression, and relationship issues
  • Group Studies (See events page)
  • Crisis Pregnancy and Post Abortion Counselling
  • School Programs: Choose2Know programming
  • Care Closet: donated baby supplies (0-18 mon.)
Book an Appointment

"I think I'm pregnant. What am I going to do?"
These words flood your mind with fear, confusion and panic. You weren't planning on getting pregnant, not now. "Should I go through with this pregnancy?" "What are my options?" "What if my partner leaves me?" Call/Email us to book an appointment and we'll chat with you about all your options. We offer a free pregnancy test in a safe and confidential environment. You don't have to go through this alone.

"I've had an abortion and can't seem to shake my memories of it. Can you help?"
Yes! We offer specific post abortion counselling. Give us a call or write a email to book an appointment. You're appointment is completely confidential and non-judgemental. We love you and want to support you along the journey to freedom.

"I feel worthless and hopeless. Is life really worth living?"
Life can be very difficult at times. Maybe you just broke up with your partner, or you hate the way you look, or have family problems, or just feel like no one would care if you disappeared. We care, and we're here to listen to your pain.

I'm struggling getting the items I need for my family. Can you help?"
Yes! We have a care closet here where you can receive baby clothes (0-18 mon), diapers, formula, books and more! Just book an appointment with us and we will do whatever we can to get you the things you need!

"Will my parents find out if I come to MLC for help?"
Our services are free and confidential. Your parents will not be contacted without your permission.

MLC is a safe, non-jugemental environment that provides you with factual information that we hope will enable you to make well-informed decisions.

MLC's Staff are well trained in this helping profession but are not all licensed counsellors; however, we have a passion and deep commitment to listen and support you and your specific needs. This support is not a substitute for professional counselling; although, if needed, we are more than happy to refer you.

MLC is not a medical clinic or laboratory. We do not perform or provide referrals for abortion. MLC provides home pregnancy tests; however, a licensed physician must confirm the results of your test to diagnose you as pregnant.

MLC is not an adoption agency. If you are planning on choosing adoption, we can provide you with referrals for adoption agencies and any ongoing support that you may need.

MLC respects your privacy; therefore, we maintain absolute confidentiality in all circumstances except where required by law to report, in such cases as abuse or threatened suicide/homicide.

The above links may not repesent MLC's values and beliefs. They were used soley for their factual information.

Mississauga Life Centre - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada